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The Future of Cubicle Warfare

The HELO TC Assault

The HELO TC Assault will be ready for your daily battles with six live-fire missiles which are launched by a tap on your smartphone’s screen. The helicopter will come with a Flight Deck module, which you will plug in to the headphone jack of your iOS or Android device. The Flight Deck attachment will beam infrared commands to the chopper. …Read more »

Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks

Get revenge on all your annoying coworkers with this guide to 101 awesome office pranks Are your eyes beginning to glaze over from the fluorescent lights in your tiny cubicle? Have you had one too many burnt cups of coffee? Does the guy in the cube next to you insist on pencil-drumming while cranking “Hells Bells” and five-finger discounting your …Read more »

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