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The Use of Helicopters to Increase the Mobility of Tactical Rockets and Anti Tank Missles

The Cold War Historical Document Collection Excerpt from this Top Secret Intelligence Briefing……. Far greater capabilities are attainable by using helicopters as delivery vehicle/launchers for firing antitank guided missiles. Considering the low force of thrust of the antitank missiles and the short length of the launching rails, the antitank missiles can be fired not only from the ground but also …Read more »

SOKARA The War-Torn Kingdom

This is the first Source Book for the Fabled Lands Role Playing Game. Sokara is a county torn apart by civil war. Grieve Marlock, the newly self appointed Protector General of all Sokara has overthrown and killed King Corin VII; now the county is divided between those faithful to the revolution, and those still loyal to the heir to the …Read more »

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