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USB Missile Launcher

If you find yourself under enemy fire at work, perhaps from paper planes or elastic bands, stay calm. Silently remove the USB Missile Launcher from your desk drawer. And place it carefully on your desk. Once it is connected to your computer’s USB port it will be fully operational. Use the radar screen that appears on your computer’s display, to …Read more »

Dreamcheeky Foam Missiles For USB Missile Launcher (3 Pack)

Foam Missiles For USB Missile Launcher – 3 Pack Items you might enjoy: Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs (HB-UM43)Add up to 4 peripherals quickly and easily with the Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub. The thin, lightweight design makes this hub a great travel companion t… Read More > Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with …Read more »

Dream Cheeky Storm Computer Controlled Missile Launcher

Dream Cheeky Storm Computer Controlled Missile Launcher. Guard your desk with this web cam missile launcher! This Internet-controlled Missile Launcher has a built-in webcam so you can control the launcher through your messaging program, from anywhere in the world. Features: Powered by USB with 4-foot cable Compatible with MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Skype on Windows 7/ Vista/ XP SP2 or …Read more »

Striker 2: USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher™

Striker II™ is the next generation USB Missile Launcher. The follow up to the popular USB Missile Launcher. Striker II™ features a powerful Class 3 laser. Powered by your computer, use it to properly aim at your foes in the office. Install the CD, then connect the Striker II™ toy to your USB port on your computer. Now defend your …Read more »

USB Desktop Missile Launcher

USB Desktop Missile Launcher. Launch foam missiles from anywhere! Our USB Desktop Missile Launcherhas a built-in webcam and over-Internet control that make it easy to hit targets at distances up to 25 feet–whether youre in the room, or 6,000 miles away! You can even direct missile assaults remotely, via Skype and MSN messaging programs. Or keep targets guessing, by handing …Read more »

Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launch System

Blast Pad is a revolutionary new missile launcher with telescoping technology that expands to almost 3′ for maximum control. Flextube missiles resist breakage, are lightweight and easy to load and they require less effort to launch. The uniquely designed Flex Launch tube canÆt kink and restrict airflow. Includes a soft foam missile tip, room for three extra missiles and carrying …Read more »

Combat Fighter New Missile Launching Helicopter

U809 Cobra Missile Launcher is a 3.5 Channel helicopter that launches out missiles upon command. It is super easy to fly with the built in GYROSCOPE system. You can choose up to three selectable bands (frequencies) A, B, or C. In order words, you can fly up to THREE Combat Fighters at the same time! Package comes complete with fully …Read more »

Dream Cheeky O.I.C. Storm Missile Launcher

The O.I.C. (Over Internet Control) Storm Missile Launcher has a built-in webcam that lets you search and destroy your target from 6000 miles away, or across the dorm. Shoots in automatic rotation up to 25 feet. Moves left right up and down. Has sound effects. Incorporates remote operation with MSN and Windows Live Messenger. Windows 7/ Vista / XP SP2 …Read more »

21 USB Missile Launcher Replacement Missiles

The arms race is not over. Replace or supplement your war torn missile weaponry with these brand new replacements. Works with all versions of the Strike II USB Missile Launcher. Made of foam and plastic. Items you might enjoy: Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual Power Switches and LEDs (HB-UM43)Add up to 4 peripherals quickly and easily with the …Read more »

Dream Cheeky Thunder Missile Launcher

The next generation of USB Missile Launchers starts with the Thunder from Dream Cheeky. You may remember the old school USB Missile Launcher? Well, we’ve re-engineered that geniusness to be an even better version of its former self. Thunder Missile Launcher now delivers the extra power needed to hit the furthest corners of the office… or HR’s hangout where they …Read more »

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