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4 of each common and uncommon from the odyssey set
all cards are in good condition


4 of every of the next playing cards and extra – every in NM – LP situation TCG Participant Hello Pricing $253+: Standstill Cephalid Coliseum Squirrel Nest Buried Alive Nimble Mongoose Cautious Have a look at Blameless Blood Druid’s Name Zombify Barbarian Ring Zombie Infestation Psychatog Diabolic Instruct Soulcatcher Overrun Skeletal Scrying Roar of the Wurm Value of Glory Tireless Tribe Loved Chaplain Sadistic Hypnotist Moment’s Peace Expect Listen Recoup Wild Mongrel Lava Blister Syncopate Sphere of Regulation Cephalid Dealer Darkwater Egg Werebear Dwarven Recruiter Ghastly Dying Cabal Pit Chamber of Manipulation Mossfire Egg Nomad Stadium Skycloud Egg Sungrass Egg Bamboozle Caustic Tar Centaur Lawn Shadowblood Egg Cranium Fracture Testomony of Religion Firebolt Air of mystery Graft Beast Assault Deep Reconnaissance Metamorphic Wurm Spiritualize Steam Vines Chatter of the Squirrel Balshan Beguiler Demolish Execute Fervent Denial Gorilla Titan Magma Vein Malevolent Awakening Minotaur Explorer Mystic Penitent Nantuko Elder Rotting Massive Skyshooter Spark Mage Sphere of Grace Nonetheless Lifestyles Sylvan May Tattoo Ward Thaumatog Volcanic Spray Whipkeeper Reckless Rate Aven Archer Bash to Bits Blessed Orator Adolescence Horror Crashing Centaur Decompose Deluge Dwarven Strike Pressure Face of Worry Famished Ghoul Frenetic Ogre Gallantry Laquatus’s Creativity Limestone Golem Liquid Hearth Lithatog Millikin Patchwork Gnomes Phantatog Piper’s Melody Resilient Wanderer Sphere of Explanation why Sphere of Reality Steamclaw Assume Tank Concept Eater Treetop Sentinel Vivify Aven Smokeweaver Balshan Griffin Combat Pressure Engulfing Flames Howling Gale Inflamed Vermin Luminous Mum or dad Nomad Decoy Painbringer Pulsating Phantasm Puppeteer Sandstone Deadfall Screams of the Damned Bathe of Coals Sphere of Accountability Twigwalker Blazing Salvo Sarcatog Aether Burst Flame Burst Coffin Purge Phrases of Knowledge Lifestyles Burst Safe haven Zombie Cannibal Angelic Wall Auramancer Confessor Muscle Burst Pardic Firecat Peek Primal Frenzy Psionic Present Timberland Ruins

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4 of every not unusual and unusual from the odyssey set
all playing cards are in just right situation
complete playsets for the aggressive Participant or collector alike
TCG Participant Hello Pricing $588+
Standstill Cephalid Coliseum Squirrel Nest Buried Alive Nimble Mongoose Cautious Have a look at Blameless Blood and extra

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